Optical Policies

Warranty and Policies


*Upgrade frames valued over $125 are warranted against **defects in workmanship/manufacturer for a period of one year from date of purchase and will be replaced with the same or like item equal or lesser value. This does not include package frames valued at $125 or under. Manufacturer damage does not include breakage or loss.  Non-defective Frames may be exchanged for full credit one time for patient satisfaction up to 3 days from date of pickup. Lens fees apply. See Optician for details.

***Prescription lenses– cannot be returned for credit/refund. Warranty and exchanges may apply.

***Non-Adapt Progressives- All progressive addition lenses (also called invisible or no-line multifocal) have a slight optical distortion in the outer portions of the lens, which can make some objects appear bowed or curved, or can cause a feeling of motion when the head is turned. The reading zone in progressive lenses is wide enough for most purposes, but it may be narrower than some other bifocal styles. These factors are usually minor and disappear with wear. The advantages of this lens generally far outweigh the problems. While most people are not bothered by these factors, some will find it unacceptable even after a 1 to 2 week adaptation period. If you cannot adapt to progressive addition lenses, our office will make new lenses in a bifocal or single vision at no charge, within 30 days of dispensing. Since the original lenses were a custom prescription item, which must be discarded, there are no refunds of the difference in cost if the re-made pair is of lesser value. Scratches and fatigue from obvious abuse are not considered defects. 

***Anti reflection coatings are warranted one time at no cost to the customer for a period of one year from date of dispense for coating failure including peeling and crazing if selecting a Level 2 Anti-Reflective. Does not include scratching.

***Cancelation Policy

In the event you wish to cancel your order it must be done by the close of business on the day of order to receive a full refund. All costs incurred once a prescription order has been started at the lab whether or not completed will be the customer’s responsibility therefore may not be eligible for refund

***Doctor Prescription Changes

One in-house Drs Change will be honored for a period of 30 days from date of order at no cost. Costs associated with changes other than prescription will be the responsibility of the customer. Subsequent changes will be made at 50% of original cost unless otherwise noted on prescription.***Outside Dr changes should be done within 30 days at 50% Costs responsibility of the customer.

If you have insurance please allow 7-14 business day delivery on orders.

Normal processing time for self-pay is between 3 to 10 Business Days.