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Mi Vision is San Antonio’s #1 eyeglass store to buy stylish frames! When you first discovered that your eyes had a refractive error that required correction, you may have had mixed feelings about the prospect of wearing eyeglasses. But don’t reject this tried-and-true form of corrective eyewear in favor of contacts until you’ve encountered the stunning range of eyeglasses and eyeglass frame options in San Antonio available here at Mi Vision Eye Care.

Our prescription glasses store sells glasses under an hour the following designer brands: Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, Coach, D&G, Burberry, Rayban, Vera Bradley, Puma, Nike, Nine West, and many more brand and non-brand eyeglasses.

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An Amazing Range of Eyeglass Frames In Our Local Optical Shop

Our San Antonio optometrist, Dr. Cuba, provide state-of-the-art lens materials, coatings and frames that enhance your vision, protect your ocular health, and serve as a magnificent expression of your personal style. Our eyewear store near you also offers fashionable prescription sunglasses to keep you seeing clearly while protecting your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays. If you’ve never had eyeglasses before, you may be surprised at how many different options we can present to you here at Mi Vision Eye Care. Once our eye care office has found your exact corrective vision prescription, we can help you select such customizations for your eyeglasses as:

Materials and thicknesses – Different lens materials convey different advantages. CR-39 resin is a popular, cost-effective material that can correct vision beautifully. Polycarbonate is more shatter-resistant and can allow for thinner, lighter lenses than CR-39, while advanced options such as Trivex offer lightweight and high-index prescription glasses.

Coatings – Anti-glare coating not only keeps distracting reflections out of your eyes; it also allows others to see your eyes through your lenses more easily. Scratch-resistant coating helps you keep your glasses in optimal shape for as long as possible, while anti-fog coating keeps your glasses from fogging over during extreme temperature changes. Our local prescription glasses optical shop in SATX can even add extra UV protection and filter to block out certain frequencies of blue light (which can contribute to eye strain and macular degeneration).

Tints – Tinted eyeglasses can prove highly valuable for specialized applications. Many computer workers, for instance, experience less strain when they use computer glasses with a yellowish tint. If you alternate between indoor and outdoor environments frequently, we can provide you with photochromic prescription glasses that lighten or darken in response to ambient light levels.

As impressive as our different eyeglass options in our San Antonio store may be, you may be just as thrilled by our enormous range of fashionable eyeglass frames. Our roster of leading brands includes Oakley, Nine West, Calvin Klein, Ray-Ban, Lacoste, Laura Ashley and many other top names. But if you’re not in the habit of picking out frames, don’t worry, our experienced team can help you select the frame shape that best flatters the shape of your face and the look you’re trying to achieve. For instance, rectangular frames can have a slimming effect that counterbalances a naturally round face, while round frames can soften the severity of a rectangular face. We can also guide you toward frames that make a certain kind of statement, from the timeless competence projected by aviator-style frames to the retro playfulness of cat-eye frames.

Don’t Forget Your UV-Blocking Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses play a critical role in safeguarding your eyes against UV rays. These rays come in three primary categories. the most deadly of them all, UVC, is filtered out by our atmosphere, but UVA and UVB can still cause serious health problems, not only in the form of skin cancer (including cancer of the eyelids) but also macular degeneration and cataracts. Even brief exposure to strong sunlight can cause a “sunburn of the eyes” called photokeratitis. These threats make it imperative that you equip your whole family with sunglasses that block 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. Mi Vision Eye Care can create customized prescription lenses that correct your refractive error perfectly while also cutting that blinding glare and protecting your ocular health.

Your sunglasses will enhance your looks just as effectively as they enhance your vision. We offer the same wide variety of frame shapes and sizes you’ll come to expect from our regular eyeglasses, as well as many of the same leading brands from the world’s most distinguished designers.

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For the best place to buy glasses in San Antonio,  Mi Vision is the answer! There’s no better time or place to pick up the perfect prescription eyewear for any member of your family. Mi Vision Eye Care is offering an amazing deal — $129 for an eye exam and a pair of glasses. You can see substantial savings even as you’re seeing the world more clearly, safely and stylishly than ever. Call (210) 923-2020 to schedule your eye exam and order glasses or sunglasses from our San Antonio optometrist!