Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses in San Antonio

Tired of wearing eyeglasses? Contact lenses may be a good fit for you. At our San Antonio optometrist office, Mi Vision Eye Care, our expert staff will walk you through every step of getting contact lenses.

Types of Lenses

When it comes to contacts, there are many different options, both in type and brand of lens. Our optometrist will work with you to ensure that the type and brand of lens you choose is a good fit for your eyes. The most popular type of lenses are soft, or disposable. These flexible lenses are comfortable, and most users report that they’re not able to feel them in their eyes. These lenses are disposed of daily, weekly, or monthly. Another option is gas permeable lenses. These are hard contacts that work to correct your vision by reshaping your eye. Gas permeable lenses are only worn while you sleep. If you suffer from astigmatism, toric lenses may be the best fit for you. These uniquely shaped lenses fit eyes with astigmatism in a way that other contacts cannot.

Your Contact Lens Fitting

Are you ready for contacts? It’s important that you get fitted. Our optometrist will have you remove your glasses, and then use a special instrument to measure your eye noninvasively. Then, you’ll try on a few different brands and types of lenses to see which ones are most comfortable for you. It usually takes a few different tries to find the lens that is the best fit for you. Our staff will teach you how to easily insert and remove your lenses.

Call Our San Antonio Optometrist

If you’re ready to ditch your glasses and make the switch to contact lenses, call Mi Vision Eye Care in San Antonio today at (210) 899-5412 to schedule a contact lens fitting appointment. We’re looking forward to helping you live a life free of eyeglasses.