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Cartier Eyeglasses: Timeless Trend in Fashion Glasses

Cartier has been an iconic French brand of jewelry and watches since 1847. Luxury eyeglasses are one of its products. Cartier makes unique designs inspired in art and stylishness, such as models like Panthére or Santos, which have been trendy and popular for generations.

Cartier eyeglasses are made in different countries depending on the materials that are involved in their manufacturing. Models done with horn and wood, as well as metals like white gold, yellow gold and rose gold are made in France under jewelry techniques.

References done with acetate on their structure are made in Italy and titanium styles are manufactured in Japan. Some of these designs are decorated with diamonds.

All styles are handcrafted, giving more value to Cartier, as each and every piece is authentic and unique. Every Cartier Eyeglass wearer will exude a splash of glamour and exclusivity.

Additionally, if you want to customize your San Antonio eyeglasses with diamonds, gold or other precious materials, we are ready to meet your demands and expectations!

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Men’s Cartier Prescription Eyeglasses for 2021

Maison Cartier, in its last collection for men in 2021, is going to maintain its iconic models with small modifications, giving them a touch of modernity while still being timeless and elegant.

Another model, Santos, is a design inspired by aviator Santos Dumon. It is decorated with classic screws, which are characteristics of this model in Cartier’s watch collection. The Santos watch was the first watch created for men by Cartier.

Premiere, another of its designs, involves in its structure modern and simple lines, 3 metal rivets typical with platinum, ruthenium and gold finishes. Signature C is a model made with materials like horn, metal or composite ,which are manufactured under Cartier’s savoir-faire.

Panthére, its most famous model, involves in its design the emblematic panther, which is still in force since 1914 in Cartier’s jewels.

All Cartier’s designs are available in different references which have several shapes, giving them in this way to adapt perfectly to all types of faces.

Cartier Prescription Eyeglasses for Women

Cartier’s women collection has some models created for men, but with feminine details which exudes glamour, character and elegance.

Panthére, Premiere and Signature C are all included as part of the women’s collection.

Premiere and Signature C come in different shapes in its lenses like cat’s eye or round with smooth features.

Trinity is an exclusive style for women, which includes in its temples 3 rings crossed taken from Cartier’s Trinity jewels collection. It has finished handcrafted gold or palladium, as well.

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