3 Reasons Cartier Glasses Are Much More Expensive And Why They Are Totally Worth It

The brand Cartier itself is one of the most well-established and reputable luxury brands in the world, so it’s no surprise their eyewear comes with a high price tag.  Our San Antonio optometry clinic is here to give you three compelling reasons why Cartier glasses stand in a league of their own, commanding a higher cost and undoubtedly worth every penny.

san antonio luxury cartier eyeglasses available at mi vision eye care

1.High-quality materials 

Cartier doesn’t just create eyewear; they craft wearable masterpieces using only the finest materials. 

This includes premium metals including high-grade acetate, gold-plating technology and other materials that contribute to durability, comfort and aesthetic appeal.  Here’s a glimpse into the materials that contribute to the allure of Cartier glasses:

Gold: For an added touch of opulence, Cartier uses real gold in the construction of some frames. Gold frames can be made of solid gold or may be plated with a layer of gold for a luxurious appearance. 

Titanium: Titanium is a lightweight and durable metal known for its strength and corrosion resistance. Cartier uses titanium in some of its eyewear frames to provide a comfortable fit without sacrificing durability. Titanium frames are often hypoallergenic, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

Acetate: Cartier elevates the use of acetate, a common plastic in eyewear, to new heights. Opting for high-quality premium acetate, the brand produces frames that are lightweight, flexible, and durable. This material allows for intricate designs and a comfortable fit, embodying the essence of Cartier’s commitment to excellence.

Platinum: As one of the rarest and most precious metals, platinum is sometimes used in the crafting of Cartier’s luxury eyewear. Frames crafted from platinum offer a distinctive look, valued not just for their durability but also their resistance to tarnishing. 

The inclusion of such materials undoubtedly contributes to the premium price tag.  Guaranteed you won’t find high-quality materials, such as real gold or titanium, in cheaper, more budget-friendly eyewear brands. 

Diamonds: Did you know that you can customize your Cartier eyewear? You can add at your request your name and the logo on the temporal side of the lens with different colors and you also can request to add diamonds to make it more customizable to your desire.

2. The craftsmanship 

The commitment to craftsmanship at Cartier is evident in every pair.

When referring to craftsmanship in the context of Cartier glasses, it encompasses the meticulous and skilled artistry involved in designing, creating, and finishing each pair of Cartier eyewear

Here are some key aspects of craftsmanship in Cartier glasses:

Handcrafted Elements: Many Cartier glasses involve handcrafted elements, where skilled artisans meticulously shape and assemble components. This can include the hand-polishing of frames, intricate detailing on the temples, and precise assembly of various parts.

Material Manipulation: Craftsmanship extends to the way materials are manipulated and combined to create the final product. Whether it’s the shaping of metal frames or the precision in crafting acetate frames, the artisans at Cartier pay close attention to detail.

Design Mastery: Skilled designers work to create unique and aesthetically pleasing eyewear that not only exudes fashion and elegance, but also ensures functionality and comfort.  It’s a marriage of design expertise and practicality that sets Cartier glasses apart.

3. Because it’s… well, Cartier.

The reputation of the name itself, Cartier, as a symbol of luxury contributes significantly to the value of its eyewear. 


Owning a pair of Cartier eyewear can be seen as a status symbol.


From Hollywood stars to social media influencers, and other iconic figures, Cartier has adorned the faces of those who embody grace and style. Owning Cartier glasses is akin to sharing the spotlight with the stars.


Beyond the glamour, Cartier thrives on exclusivity and limited availability. Owning a Cartier product is a rare and exclusive experience.


The willingness of individuals to invest more in the Cartier brand is not merely a monetary decision; it’s a recognition of the brand’s unparalleled legacy, craftsmanship, and the promise of an exclusive journey.


So, if you are asking, are Cartier glasses worth the money? We confidently declare: unquestionably. 


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