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Every year, thousands of people suffer from eye injuries while playing sports. The good news is, the majority of these injuries are preventable with the appropriate eye protection. While some sport requires eye protection as part of the uniform, there are many that don’t require eye safety. Here at Mi Vision Eye Care in San Antonio, we provide treatment for your eyes when you get a sport-related injury.

Common Sports Eye Injuries

Blunt force trauma is the most common sport eye injury that occurs when something makes a direct impact with the eye. This can cause bruising of the eye and eyelid and broken bones under the eyeball. You may get your eyeball broken or your retina can be detached from trauma. Penetrating injuries can occur if your glasses break or if someone scratches your eye. Radiation injuries may occur from overexposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. These injuries are common for skiers and water sports.

Contact our optometry care right away if you are showing symptoms of loss of vision, cut on your eye or around the eye, eye fluids or blood that are coming out of your eye, a foreign object in your eye, or if your eye is completely shut. These type of injuries require emergency eye care.

Steps for Protection

Our optometry care can provide you all the necessary information on eye care and how to protect your eyes while playing sports. Eye protection is the number one way to reduce the number of eye injuries that may occur. Typically, sports eye protection is made from three-millimeter polycarbonate materials that are impact resistant. While they offer excellent protection against eye injuries, they are lightweight and thin enough to remain comfortable throughout a day of play. Regardless of which sport you play, your eye doctor can help you choose which form of eye protection will work best for your particular sport.

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