Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a sequence of functions aimed to improve your visual and processing skills. We treat common conditions as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision and other visual related learning problems. Our goal is to train your eyes to work better as their function is to work together, as athletes train to improve for better performance.

Vision Assessment: At Mi Vision Eye Care, we can conduct comprehensive eye exams to assess visual acuity, depth perception, peripheral vision, color vision, and eye coordination. Identifying any visual deficiencies or anomalies is essential for prescribing appropriate corrective measures.


Prescription Eyewear: For athletes with refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, prescribing corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses) can significantly improve visual acuity and clarity, allowing athletes to see more clearly during sports activities.


Sports-Specific Eyewear: Certain sports may require specialized eyewear to enhance performance and protect the eyes. For example, tinted lenses can improve contrast and reduce glare in outdoor sports like baseball or golf we recommend polarized lenses, while protective goggles may be necessary for sports like basketball or racquetball to prevent eye injuries we have an extensive selection of recognized brand sport glasses and goggles such: Oakley, Rayban, Puma, Adidas and Nike.


Vision Training and Therapy: Our eye doctor can provide vision training programs to help patients and athletes improve eye coordination, tracking ability, and focusing skills. These programs may involve exercises and drills designed to enhance visual processing speed, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination, ultimately improving performance in sports that require quick reflexes and precise visual targeting.


Visual Rehabilitation: In cases where patients and athletes have suffered eye injuries or undergone eye surgery, we can provide rehabilitation services to restore visual function and aid in the recovery process. This may include vision therapy, sensory integration exercises, and specialized treatments to optimize visual outcomes and help athletes return to peak performance levels.


Customized Contact Lenses: For athletes who prefer contact lenses over glasses, we can fit specialized contact lenses tailored to their individual needs and the demands of their sport. This may include lenses designed for high oxygen permeability, enhanced stability, or improved moisture retention to ensure comfort and visual clarity during physical activity.

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Sports Vision Assessments: We may offer specialized sports vision assessments to evaluate specific visual skills that are critical for athletic performance, such as dynamic visual acuity, eye-hand coordination, depth perception, color perception, and visual anticipation. Based on the results of these assessments, targeted interventions can be recommended to address areas of weakness and optimize visual performance for sports.


Overall, by collaborating with a local optometrist, athletes can receive personalized eye care and visual enhancement strategies tailored to their unique needs and the demands of their respective sports, ultimately enabling them to perform at their best on the field, court, or track.


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