Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Vision

If you’re serious about honing your skills at your favorite sport, you probably investigate every possible option for improving your physical health and fitness. But how does sports vision figure into that list? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about sports vision evaluation and treatment at Mi Vision Eye Care in San Antonio.


What Do We Mean by the Term “Sports Vision?”

The term “sports vision” applies to your the way your eyes meet or exceed the challenges posed by a particular athletic endeavor. It also refers to the diagnostic processes and treatment plans prescribed by our optometrist, Dr. Cuba, to help athletes sharpen their vision as needed for optimal sports performance.

What Special Vision Skills Do Athletes Need?

Different athletes may require different kinds of visual acuity. Eye teaming and tracking, for instance, lets you follow the paths of fast-moving objects, while binocular vision helps you judge distance. Color and contrast sensitivity are critical for picking out small or hard-to-see objects against a particular background. Visual processing skills allow you to respond to what you see as quickly as possible.

If I See “20/20,” Isn’t My Vision Already Perfect?

A 20/20 score on an eye chart merely indicates that you can see as well as the average individual is expected to see at a given distance. The most finely-tuned vision can easily attain scores of 20/15. The same general rule also holds true for your ability to pass the standard eye function tests administered in a comprehensive eye exam; it indicates that your vision is normal, when “normal” may not be good enough in your chosen sport.

How Does Your Optometry Clinic Evaluate Sports Vision?

Our optometry clinic will perform a number of sophisticated vision tests to determine exactly what your eyesight is capable of and where it may be falling short. For instance, we may check your binocular vision using a Saladin Near Point Balance Card, administer a Hirschberg test to analyze your eye alignment and ask you to view images as we evaluate your teaming, tracking and visual processing skills

What Kinds of Sports Vision Treatment Can You Offer?

Our sports vision treatment options include tinted lenses to aid color and contrast perception, eye patching to improve binocular vision, an update to your current corrective lenses, and vision therapy exercises to optimize your eye function.

Learn More About Sports Vision at Our San Antonio Optometry Clinic

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