Sports Vision Testing at Mi Vision Eye Care

You might have a finely-tuned body, natural talent, and extensive training in your favorite athletic endeavor — but if your eyesight doesn’t match your other attributes, you may never achieve the standard of excellence you seek. In many cases, the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete comes down to tiny differences in coordination, reaction time, and accuracy, all of which can be affected by visual acuity.

Here at Mi Vision Eye Care, we can help you improve your performance through state-of-the-art sports vision testing and therapy. Read more below and check out our Sports Vision FAQ for more information.


An Introduction to Sports Vision Testing

Vision is not a single skill; it is the sum total of many different skills, abilities, and functions, all of which must work in unison to give you sharp, clear, reliable eyesight. For instance:

  • Your ability to perceive subtle differences, in contrast, can help you see a distant target or a ball suspended in mid-air.
  • Your eye’s teaming and tracking skills allow you to follow the motions of an opponent or object quickly and accurately.
  • How rapidly your brain processes visual data can make all the difference in how quickly you react to what’s going on around you.
  • Your ability to see in three dimensions (binocular vision) lets you perceive depth and distance on the court, track, target range or playing field.

Unfortunately, functional issues and refractive errors can impair these abilities. Even a slight insufficiency in some area of your vision can cause problems for you in your favorite sport, even when they make no difference in your everyday life.

Tests Provided by Our Eye Doctor

Our eye doctor at Mi Vision Eye Care, Dr. Cuba, can perform a variety of sophisticated tests that can detect even the tiniest deviations from perfect vision. One such test, the standard eye chart, can tell us whether your eyesight is 20/20 or something less. (By the way, many athletes can reasonably hope to achieve 20/15 vision.) Contrast sensitivity tests show us how well you can detect tiny differences between shades of gray. We can provide corrective lenses as needed, including tinted lenses to help boost your contrast perception. Eye dominance testing can reveal binocular vision challenges (which can often be corrected through eye patching), while eye tracking and visual processing speed testing help us detect any shortcomings that might respond to vision therapy exercises.

Schedule Sports Vision Testing With Our San Antonio Optometrist

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